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What is an IPO?
An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is a means of collecting money from the public by a company for the first time in the market to fund its projects. In return, the company gives the share to the investors in the company.
What is the difference between an IPO and Book Building?
In an IPO, the Lead managers decide the price of the issue. In a book building offer, the syndicate members decide the indicative price range and the investors decide the price of the issue through a tender method.
What is a draft prospectus?
A draft prospectus provides the information on the financials of the company, promoters, background, tentative issue price etc. It is filed by the Lead Managers with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to provide issue details. Overview of the draft prospectus can be seen on www.sebi.gov.in (SEBI's web site). The final prospectus is printed after obtaining the clearance from SEBI and the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
How can I get information on forthcoming IPOs?
When you open the karvy.com website, the home page has a feature "IPOs/Public Issues Monitor", which features in-depth analysis of IPOs, book building issues and rights-cum-public offers. When clicked on it, you will get a list of forthcoming issues whose opening and closing dates are finalized.
How can I get additional information about the IPO?
For that you need to register yourself with Karvy.com. The page that provides a list of forthcoming IPOs/public issues has a facility where you can register yourself as a user of Karvy site. A very simple form is provided for you to fill up which asks for basic information about you.
Is it compulsory for me to fill up the registration form?
Yes. Filling up the form is necessary if you want to view more details about the IPOs as well as our investment perceptions and analysis.
Do I have to pay anything for getting myself registered?
No. You do not need to pay anything for getting yourself registered at Karvy.com. You only need to fill up the online form to get yourself included in our list as a registered user of Karvy.com.
Is registering with karvy.com the same as having an account with Karvy?
No. By registering with karvy.com you gain access to certain privileged information on the Karvy website which cannot be accessed by non-registered users. Registering is not the same as having an account with Karvy.
Do I have to register myself each time I enter the Karvy site?
No. You need to register yourself only once. For subsequent access, you can directly Login with your user name and password.
Having registered myself, what are the additional benefits that I get?
As a registered user, you will get advance information and investment recommendations on forthcoming IPOs / public issues. Having registered you can access our IPO home page. Here you can click on any company and read the highlights of any forthcoming issue along with the basic investment details and the investment perspective provided by our research team.
Where can I read your investment recommendations on forthcoming IPOs / public issues?
At the bottom of the Highlights page there is a facility to click and view the Executive Summary of the issue. In the executive summary, our research team analyzes the forthcoming issue based on its financials, promoters' background, project details, future prospects etc. and help the investor in deciding whether the issue is worth investing or not.
Can I get the executive summary of the IPO by email?
Yes you can. At the bottom of the highlights page there is clickable icon to receive the executive summary of the company by email. Just click on that and you can receive our executive summary by email absolutely free.
What is the minimum application money I need to pay?
This differs from issue to issue. In a normal issue, the Lead managers decide the value and this would be notified on the form. In a book building issue, a price range is declared and the investors who quote higher value would be allotted. In Highlights page of any IPO these issues are explained in detail.
Where can I get a form for investing in the IPO / Public Issue?
You can get a form for investing in the IPO from Karvy. On the highlights page there is a clickable option for you to receive the application form by post. Just click on this option and we will arrange to send you the application form by post.
Can I download the application form from your website?
Currently, we are not offering this facility. But very soon we propose to put these forms on the website which you can directly print, fill up and hand over to your nearest Karvy office. In fact we will launch a facility where you can download the form directly from Karvy home page.
Can I apply for the IPO online?
As per the cyber rules of Government of India, this facility is not provided. Only in case of book building issues, the brokers can bid online on behalf of subscribers.
Is this IPO a good investment?
When you go through the executive summary of an IPO, our research team provides its opinion on the issue based on an analysis of the company's financials, promoters' background and other qualitative issues. This can help in guiding your investment decision.
Having applied for an IPO how can I know my allotment status?
For a public issue, you can know the status by calling the registrar (you will know about the registrar on the Highlights Page of the issue) after 30 to 40 days from the closing date of the issue. However, in a book building issue, you can know the status by calling the registrar after 20 days from the closing date.
Can Karvy help me in knowing my allotment status?
We at karvy.com are committed to facilitate this process. On the Karvy Home page we have a facility to provide you online allotment status for IPOs you have applied in. You only need to enter your name and application number in the same format as you filled in the form and you can get to know your allotment status online.
When will the Share certificates / refund orders reach me?
In a public issue, you will be getting refund or share certificates after 40-45 days from the closing date of the issue. In a book building issue, you will be getting the refund/certificates in 30-40 days from the closing date. The Share certificates will also be mailed around the same time if you have got the allotment.
How do I know if the IPO has been listed on the stock exchange?
On the IPO home page, there is a clickable icon for new listings. Just click on that icon and you will get an updated status of new listings on a daily basis.
How do I know if Karvy is involved in a forthcoming IPO?
This information is confidential and will be disclosed only after the deal is finalized. You can know this information by going through the highlights page. If Karvy acts as a lead manager or a registrar for the issue, it will be notified on the IPO Highlights page at Karvy.com.
In book building can I improve my chances of allotment by quoting the price above the price band?
Please bear in mind that in a book building exercise the final price is decided based on at what price the maximum demand can be generated for the issue. Your quoting a price above the band "will not" in any way improve your chances of getting an allotment.

Ultimately you will be allotted the shares only at the price decided by the company based on the bids received. Also note that if you quote a price below the band then you will get the last priority for allotment and that too at the discretion of the company.
How do I know if a company is already listed on the exchange?
Please visit our New Listings page on the IPO Home at www.karvy.com. We are currently covering stocks listing on the BSE and very soon will be expanding it to include regional stock exchanges too.
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