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Investors tend to over or under estimate their Risk tolerance levels. Risk Tolerance is a critical
parameter guiding investment decisions. To know your Risk Profile, take the test given below.



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1.  Your Gender

2.  What is your age group
          Under 35 years
          36 - 45 years
          46 - 55 years
          56 - 65 years
          Above 65 years

3.  What is your Qualification
          Below Higher Secondary
          Higher Secondary
          Post Graduate or above

4.  Your marital status

5.  Please specify your post tax income (per annum)
          Less than Rs.   3 lakhs
          Between Rs.   3 - 7 lakhs
          Between Rs.   7 - 10 lakhs
          Between Rs.   10 - 20 lakhs
          Above Rs.   20 lakhs

6.  Number of dependants you support financially (other than yourself)
          1 - 2
          3 - 4
          More than 4

7.  Total Sum assured of all the Life insurance policies you have taken is __times your annual expenses including EMIs, if any
          Less than 5 times
          Between 5 to 10 times
          Between 10 and 15 times
          Between 15 and 20 times
          More than 20 times

8.  What percentage of your income do you manage to save
          Less than 10%
          Between 10% and 25%
          Between 26% and 50%
          Over 50%

9.  What percentage of your post tax income is used for repayment of debt
          Less than 15%
          Between 15% and 35%
          Between 36% and 50%
          Above 50%

10.  Your net assets (total assets less liabilities) lies in the range of
          < Rs. 5 lakhs
          Rs. 5 - 10 lakhs
          Rs. 10 - 25 lakhs
          Rs. 25 - 50 lakhs
          > Rs. 50 lakhs

11.  Do you own a house property

12.  What is the size of your emergency fund
          I have not created an emergency fund
          Between 1 to 3 months of average monthly expense
          Between 4 to 6 months of average monthly expense
          More than 6 months of average monthly expenses

13.  Expected expenditure on your life goals (like daughter's marriage, house property etc) in next 5 years is
          Less than 3 times Your Annual Post Tax Income
          Less than 5 times Your Annual Post Tax Income
          Less than 7 times Your Annual Post Tax Income
          More than 7 times Your Annual Post Tax Income

14.  Number of years left to retirement
          Less than 5 years
          Between 5 to 10 years
          Between 10 to 20 years
          More than 20 years

15.  Do you expect to maintain your current living standard after retirement
          Strongly agree
          No opinion
          Strongly disagree

16.  How secure are your future sources of income (employment, business, etc)
          Very secure
          I do not know
          Not secure
          Very insecure

17.  Do you expect your income to
          Increase substantially
          Stay ahead of inflation
          Drop due to inflation or other factors

18.  If you win Rs. 1,00,000 in a quiz contest, would you
          Spend the entire amount
          Invest in FDs
          Invest in stocks for a long term
          Indulge in short term speculation

19.  You have saved a long while to buy an expensive car.   A week before you buy the car, you lose your job.   Would you:
          Postpone your purchase
          Buy a new car but not the expensive one you saved for
          Go ahead with your purchase plan and buy the same car
          Buy the same car and go on a one week vacation to celebrate the new purchase

20.  If the value of your investments drop by 10% in a year would you immediately switch to all cash
          Strongly agree
          No opinion
          Strongly disagree

21.  You prefer having your savings in the bank and do not mind a return of 3.5% per annum
          Strongly agree
          No opinion
          Strongly disagree

22.  While making an investment, I plan to hold the investment for
          < 1 year
          1 – 3 years
          3 – 5 years
          > 5 years

23.  I would invest in a mutual fund based on
          Random decision
          Conversation with friends, co-worker or a relative
          Self research
          Research by professionals

24.  When it comes to investing, how do you rate your financial quotient on a scale of 1 - 10
          1 – 2
          3 – 4
          5 – 6
          7 – 8
          9 – 10

25.  How do you interpret the word risk

26.  Which of the following portfolios would you like to invest in
          Low risk / Low return portfolio
          Low to Mod risk / Low to Mod return portfolio
          Moderate risk / Moderate return portfolio
          Mod to high risk / Mod to high return portfolio
          High risk / High return portfolio

27.  What would you prefer
          Aggressive capital appreciation
          Invest more for capital appreciation than current income
          Invest in a balanced manner (capital appreciation & current income)
          Invest for generating current income
          I would not invest, rather redeem my investments to meet short term goals


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