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  Since the secondary market for fixed-income instruments is not yet developed in India, we discuss below only the primary market options available for retail investors.
  Company bonds/debentures
  Companies issue bonds and debentures through public issues that are open only for a limited period of time. Application forms for these issues are available with primary market brokers.
  Company fixed deposits
  Fixed deposit schemes from companies are typically open round the year, unless they have exceeded their collection limits. Even in such cases, companies accept renewal from existing fixed deposit holders.
  Government schemes
  You can invest in RBI bonds directly through the Reserve Bank of India or through a broker. Investments in other government schemes can normally be made through nationalised banks and post offices.
  Fixed income mutual funds
  Fixed-income and money market mutual funds offer investors an exposure to fixed-income instruments. Open-ended mutual funds are available round the year and can be easily purchased/ sold on any business day.
  Most Asset Management Companies (AMCs) have service centres/ authorised agents/ brokers across the country through whom you can invest in mutual funds.
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